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January 6, 2020 / barton smock

from ( diets of the resurrected )

Their translating of the terrible things we’ve said has created elsewhere animals that don’t need to eat but bite anyway anything that moves. Neither silence is real

but both belong to God. My son

my moodkiller
of ruin

in no dream I’ve had

pours gasoline on himself and leads an abandoned bear onto an empty school bus. Am I pretty this third


if my parents are yesterday and grief?

January 3, 2020 / barton smock

from ( diets of the resurrected )

Ohio stories:

I am fondest of recalling my sister when sister in her sleep
could sell drugs to angels.

Men walk away from their fathers one of two ways with our favorite being Stars Reading Snowfall Before and After My Career-Ending Injury.

Our mother was a spider
it’s why
she smokes.

January 2, 2020 / barton smock

from ( diets of the resurrected )

Sorrow a glove. Grief a mitten. I see in fire the small

for a whale
that my son
in a wave.

Ohio gets to keep its hidden season. Poverty

its sixth

Childish, but everyone who’s looked out this window has died. Our family was too close.

December 31, 2019 / barton smock

small note 2019

I see ghosts, but not first. I write, still, but more to forget what I wrote. I can’t seem to give separate lives to the not said and the unsaid. Alas, gone has a future. But, I am thankful. For those who had words for mine, for those who did not correct the words I had for theirs. For those who hated me in silence. Who loved me in my space. This will always be the year my grandmother died.

December 31, 2019 / barton smock

from ( diets of the resurrected )

I will take for my childhood a mother’s unicycle, a father’s raincloud.

The broken moon of any man on crutches. A dog drinking water in a white house.

who draw me naked.

Bones from her smaller baseball.

December 31, 2019 / barton smock

from ( diets of the resurrected )

I can’t tell if I have nothing or if I’m down to three photos of God.

I sleep
to know
that you’re

December 31, 2019 / barton smock

movie list 2019

saw a total of 151 movies last year, 113 new and 38 I’d seen before.
comparatively, last year I saw 141 movies, with 94 new and 47 I’d seen before.
avg rating this year was 67.07%, last year at 61.73%

ratings of the 113 below.

Us 99.21%
Burning 99.21%
Leave No Trace 96.83%
Beautiful Boy 95.24%
A Vigilante 95.24%
Blaze (2018) 94.44%
Certain Women 93.65%
Thunder Road 92.06%
Peanut Butter Falcon, The 87.30%
Widows 86.51%
Sisters Brothers, The 86.51%
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 86.51%
Standoff at Sparrow Creek 85.71%
Marriage Story 85.71%
Midsommar 84.92%
Nightingale, The 84.13%
Light Of My Life 84.13%
Miseducation of Cameron Post, The 82.54%
Buster’s Mal Heart 82.54%
Free Solo 82.54%
Little Woods 82.54%
Paddleton 82.54%
Wild Rose 82.54%
Greener Grass 82.54%
Ad Astra 82.54%
Boy Erased 80.95%
A Star Is Born (2018) 80.95%
Amazing Grace 80.95%
Sword of Trust 80.16%
Brittany Runs A Marathon 80.16%
Destroyer 79.37%
Braid 79.37%
Mobile Homes 79.37%
Hotel Mumbai 79.37%
High Life 79.37%
American Woman 78.57%
Into The Spiderverse 77.78%
Death of Dick Long, The 77.78%
Booksmart 76.98%
Tell Me Who I Am 76.98%
Love, Antosha 76.98%
Wrestle 76.19%
Art of Self Defense, The 76.19%
Halloween (2018) 75.40%
Logan Lucky 75.40%
Ben Is Back 75.40%
Sleepwalk With Me 75.40%
Hate U Give, The 74.60%
Toy Story 4 74.60%
A Simple Favor 73.81%
It : Chapter 2 73.02%
Report, The 73.02%
Linda Ronstadt: The Sound Of My Voice 73.02%
Anna and the Apocalypse 72.22%
Always Be My Maybe 72.22%
Hole In The Ground, The 72.22%
Between Two Ferns 72.22%
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 72.22%
Inventor, The 71.43%
Angel of Mine 71.43%
Wounds 71.43%
Bad Times At The El Royale 71.43%
Fyre 70.63%
Fyre Fraud 70.63%
Plus One 69.84%
Ready Or Not 69.84%
Good Boys 69.05%
Avengers : Endgame 68.25%
Child’s Play (2019) 67.46%
Skin 67.46%
Sweetheart 67.46%
Crawl 67.46%
Girl In The Spider’s Web, The 66.67%
Creed II 66.67%
Wine Country 66.67%
Captain Marvel 66.67%
Late Night 66.67%
Long Shot 66.67%
Yesterday 65.87%
Greta 65.08%
Velvet Buzzsaw 64.29%
Instant Family 64.29%
Annabelle Comes Come 64.29%
Gringo 63.49%
Table 19 62.70%
Happy Death Day 62.70%
Isn’t It Romantic 60.32%
Stuber 60.32%
Deep Red 59.52%
Happy Death Day 2 U 56.35%
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates 50.79%
Glass 50.79%
Murder Mystery 50.00%
Ma 50.00%
Triple Frontier 49.21%
Public, The 48.41%
Shazam! 47.62%
Donnybrook 46.83%
Lavender 42.86%
Unlocked 37.30%
Serenity (2019) 37.30%
First Purge, The 36.51%
Pet Sematary (2019) 34.13%
Venom 33.33%
Silence, The (netflix orig, 2019) 26.98%
Prodigy, The 26.98%
Hangover III, The 26.98%
Tall Girl 10.32%
Careful What You Wish For 9.52%
After 7.14%
Swiped 5.56%
Secret Obsession 3.97%
Heidi 3.17%