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November 12, 2022 / barton smock

( privately self-published works, where, & some pulled away

. . .


rocks have the softest shadows
237 pages
poems, Dec 2020

untouched in the capital of soon
187 pages
poems, Sept 2021

blood to bathe us in its blue past
217 pages
poems new and selected, May 2022

can be purchased via paypal (
or Venmo: @Barton-Smock-2
or CashApp: $BartonSmock


country 14

An orange baseball gives up in a white field.

Birth and death
no longer
miss each other.

A broken branch from my dog's sleep
is a big deal

and the saddest thing



A drop of blood lands in an eye-sized field. 

waking up
to cry.

Hide the hidden ant of your son’s loneliness.


In the doll's only dream, the child cuts god underwater

I wasn't ugly 
but you didn't 
see me

Return gives its hair to absence

An elevator is lost 
by an angel



A train named after another train 
changes fields. 

Mirrors forget
that god
can't move.

. . .

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