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October 4, 2022 / barton smock

Erin Wilson’s ‘Blue’, from Circling Rivers

Had the inner and outer honor of saying something toward Erin Wilson's 'Blue'. Inclusion is the fullest art. Lovely book.


Praise for Blue:

Invigorating, inventive, and remarkably honest, Blue sparks from “only the suggestion of a few bones” “a strong urge to know / each magnificent unraveling spire in pure light.” These poems tell the story of a life at risk of spilling over the edge of the page, capturing the magnitude of a restless, relentless search for both wound and healing. These are poems born of a kind of wrought faith that, despite all the breaking, language still might bring us closer to each other, and closer to ourselves. Wilson has given us a heady, intoxicating experience, a fascinating collision of tradition and innovation, all exquisitely layered in self, art, tenderness, and a rich testament to the ever-present need for risk and empathy. 
— John Sibley Williams, As One Fire Consumes Another and Skin Memory

These poems are startling and joyful at once… With such daring, Wilson illuminates a universe that hurts us to see. But she accounts for the days in Blue with such humility and restraint that it is a gift. To read this book is first to be saddened, winded, and then to be surprised by joy. 
— Emily Tristan Jones, editor Columba

Erin Wilson’s Blue is a work of radical worry that brushes over the invisible fossil of location with a verse that paints sons and mothers into corners so sharply that it separates survival and existence long enough that losses grieve differently over the same portion of brevity. I loved this book. For the vague science of its radiance, for its reverse resurrections, for the timestamps its poetry puts on the disorientation of the parent and the parented, for its carrying of a sorrow that remains unpaid by sadness, and, most of all, for trying to keep with color a nothingness from going bad. 
— Barton Smock, Skin To Skin In An Unmarked Life and Ghost Arson

Book is HERE

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