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September 22, 2022 / barton smock

( without link, fail, journal

just now 2022

aw man someone just reminded me of this song and I lived once in Palmyra PA third floor of a house wife and kids and in the winter it was cold and in the summer it was hot and in the winter I would have to knock the icicles outside into a bucket so they wouldn't destroy the cars below and then I'd melt them for some reason in the bathtub and we didn't have a showerhead and everything was carpeted and money was as scarce as it is now rare and in the summer the neighbors across the street would fight and my listening had a temperature 


I don’t know what right I have to be touched by a gospel song. birth has a wrongness about it. I have four kids and they are cried elsewhere for being poor enough to share a blindfold. this whole thing is like going window to window with portraits of our invisible neighbors. I hear this man and no there is not a special place in hell.

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