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September 3, 2022 / barton smock

Summer – Johannes Göransson

Johannes Göransson
Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2022


I think it might be too early for me to be putting words toward Johannes Göransson's Summer as I've only  just finished its fourth and final section called The World and the fire as a whole is still trying to figure out which parts it still needs to set. But, I also worry some season will end, and I'll be in it and have to lie about how I moved forward. Göransson writes the under out from under. Beauty, death, the after. The after-art of living as something uncreated. If a ceiling fan falls on a trapdoor...ah, I have no then. I paint my kidnapper to look like my kidnapper, lose blue like a hand, let children make me sad, think maybe invention has always known where it's imagined itself from, and am poor but less poor for work like Summer and the care it takes of the false elsewhere.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here 

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