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April 11, 2022 / barton smock

( some cities, from ‘untouched in the capital of soon’

city 33 

Bagging the bright mouse in the deer faith of my youth


city 34

Tooth decay carried by god over the capital of After


city 35

All secrecy genetic

is our last


city 36

A running shower that prays impossibly on the body of our lowest sibling for the return of a bomb-maker's homesick drone


city 37

An angel burned for soundproofing crows


city 61

One dollhouse for another
The noises

I keep the same double life

Dog's paw, child's knee 

The rifle's 



city 67

Dying, touch will ask to attend

the hand's
silent film


city 69

Crow, with seashell


city 70 or 71

The short past of my body in the small
of yours

A baby chewing on its hand in pile of leaves


city 72 and 73

The boy has one mouse

All named


city 74

In its shadow grief the window

in the open

city 102

Angels buy footsteps with pictures of the poor


city 103

Your mother enters god in the ghost you painted for death

cover art by Noah M Smock
cover art by Noah M Smock
cover art by Noah M Smock
cover art by Aidan Smock
untouched in the capital of soon, 187 pages
poems, Sept 2021
can be purchased via paypal (
or Venmo: @Barton-Smock-1
or CashApp: $BartonSmock

*pay what you want. if cover preference, let me know in order notes or at

on GUMROAD, here

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