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January 5, 2022 / barton smock

said nothing anew

still true what I said in this interview about 'rocks have the softest shadows', etc:

Where did you grow up and how did that influence your writing? Have any travels away from home influence your work?

I grew up in smalltown Ohio. I’m not sure what that means, but that’s usually what I say. If there is something in my bones, I’d say it’s some sort of cold that sends a toddler outside in a diaper to stand on a cement block to see the ocean.

I haven’t been to too many places physically. Influence, to me, has always seemed sort of doomed. I do have four children, and they come with their own territories. My youngest son has a progressive disorder of the muscle and the brain, which often makes of place an empty dot that we go skin-to-skin to fill. It’s that filling that uproots.

What do you consider your most meaningful work you’ve done creatively so far?

As I am parented by the recent, I’d have to say a longer exploration titled ‘diets of the resurrected’ which is included in my most current self-published collection rocks have the softest shadows. It was a year in the making or unmaking, and is an entry-guided piece that started with the idea of a suicidal baby and came with so many rules that I abandoned them immediately in favor of repeating my obsessions. I think I failed the monster but not the creature.

the above is from this

for purchase: 

rocks have the softest shadows, 237 pages
poems, Dec 2020


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