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May 13, 2021 / barton smock

(sing and sign


I currently have three signed copies each on my person of the self-published titles listed below.

animal masks on the floor of the ocean
June 2019, 124 pages
signed copy 15.00

an old idea one had of stars
Feb 2020, 58 pages
signed copy 12.00

rocks have the softest shadows
Dec 2020, 237 pages
signed copy 20.00

can be purchased via paypal (
or Venmo @Barton-Smock-1
or CashApp $BartonSmock

email with inquiries or to request PDF



Trainwreck Press and John C. Goodman held space that I might do some small above ground work with my new chapbook Skin To Skin In An Unmarked Life.

Would mean the world to me were you to purchase it and subsequently open it long enough to give it some closure.

title is 6.00, and can be purchased HERE

Let me know what you think or what you unthought.




city 1

A darkness that studies late into the last thought of a white mouse


city 2

A snow that reminds 
to breathe


city 3

A creature too naked to lose track of time


city 4

Not laughing at god

How long

can the infant


city 5

A short rain touching its shadow in a god just as real as a bird-hating seahorse 


city 6

No plastic
in hell 


city 7

Fast growing
of Eden,

I don't think
they were hiding
from God


city 8

An Ohio barber spends her whole day

at icicles


city 9

The children bathe together during what they call a thunderstory. 


city 10

Older than god, water believes 

it's never 
a shape.

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