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February 16, 2021 / barton smock

ETC, rocks, shadows


rocks have the softest shadows
Barton Smock

237 pages
Dec 2020



pages 1 through 41, DIETS OF THE RESURRECTED
pages 43 through 80, from AN OLD IDEA ONE HAD OF STARS
pages 81 through 167, from ANIMAL MASKS ON THE FLOOR OF THE OCEAN
pages 169 through 208, from MOTHERLINGS
pages 209 through 212, AFTERNOTES
pages 213 through 235, New Poems


can be purchased via paypal (
or Venmo: @Barton-Smock-1
or CashApp: $BartonSmock

email for PDF copy



[ diets of the resurrected ]

In the mouth of one who opens a sentence with the word verbatim, there is a sorrow searching for the breast of a shadow. Overheard is not the name of an Ohio street. The baby is no cook but is the only knower of what my eyes will eat in the dark. No one in Ohio laughs when you say bornography to your sister who says orbituary. One can be pregnant and study the wrong children.


Ohio sexuality:

X mourns outdated baby monitor by scoring a commercial for rabbit mascara


When it gets cold, we tell each other it’s okay to use a photograph instead of soap. It is not common for language to keep its word. If you’re poor enough, snow takes the pulse of the moon. We don’t believe in the soul. But ate something to bring it back.


Poverty created the moon as a place for loss to process God.

It helps to have no one.


Dream supply:

A pile of white leaves in the corner of my father’s mind.

Wind and skin, or the angel’s

No longer a fire hazard
the wagon’s
grey hair…

The suicide of God’s first.


My son writes to me about the piece of glass they can’t find in his ear. He says it is like a dream. That he can describe its shape between the hours of this and that a.m., and its size to a newborn making a grocery list. He says they have people who look like him, which helps. Like her, which doesn’t. My writing isn’t even close. Aponia, I write, and also, ballet. Everything in the cold is cold.


The coordinates a son’s illness leaves for God. Cigarette

and a mother’s

typo. Camera the consoler of miracle. Elevator worship. Our food’s invisible dark. The gag reflex of his favorite astronaut. For whom we carry



Every life is long. Honestly, I think I just wanted to see my handwriting. I sang for my children. Never cooked for my mom.

owls okay with needle sharing
would explain

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