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November 25, 2020 / barton smock

BLOOD NOTES, currently 7 entries


blood notes

God still doesn’t know how long dying takes.

says to blue: Every mirror is a door if you have an apple.

I’ve never been the first creature to eat my young.

I’d keep you alive
but miss
your ghost.


blood notes

I no longer sleep on my right side because it feels as if I’m too far from the earth that stopped my heart.

will do it

but you’ve got to give him a bone from the body of an angel.

I pretend to be sick because I believe that I am.


blood notes

I can tell by my arm that I am not always there when they burn my cigarette.

Abortion. Tire Swing.

I don’t know all seven stages of staying warm in Ohio.

Loneliness changes often the name of its creator.


blood notes

there is no earlier dream
no slipping
from the past

of every beast we haven’t eaten

god has two sticks
and echo

all snow was born in a cigarette


blood notes

I worry that God is not nostalgic.

I forget
near bathwater

my son’s

Name a movie missed by a ghost.


blood notes

at the longest
for god, does water

dream it’s found

the spot
where ghost
went in


blood notes

Loss isn’t the only child of death,
but is the most spoiled.

Disappearance has its limits.

don’t waste
their pain.



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