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September 30, 2020 / barton smock

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A review by Erik Fuhrer of C.T. Salazar’s ‘Forty Stitches Sewing a Body Against a Ramshackle Night:

review by Erik Fuhrer of C.T. Salazar’s ‘Forty Stitches Sewing a Body Against a Ramshackle Night’


My reflection on Tanya Holtland’s ‘Requisite’:

{ Requisite ~ Tanya Holtland }

My reflection on Johannes Göransson’s ‘Poetry Against All’:

{ Poetry Against All ~ a diary ~ Johannes Göransson }


Publication announcement for former contributor Donna Vorreyer’s ‘To Everything There Is’:

please join the witnessing of Donna Vorreyer’s ‘To Everything There Is’


Poems by:

Erik Fuhrer
person Erik Fuhrer, two poems

Brianna Cunliffe
person Brianna Cunliffe, two poems

Kelli Allen
person Kelli Allen, poem

Bob Meszaros
person Bob Meszaros, two poems

Julie Tonkinson
person Julie Tonkinson, one poem

Carla Sarett
person Carla Sarett, two poems

Barbara Parchim
person Barbara Parchim, one poem

Rochelle Jewel Shapiro
person Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, two poems

Nathan Anderson
person Nathan Anderson, two poems

Austin Davis
person Austin Davis, one poem

Benjamin Harnett
person Benjamin Harnett, one poem

Koss, two poems
Doeun Kim
person Doeun Kim, two poems

Aimée Keeble
person Aimée Keeble, one poem


Short story by Mary Newton:
person Mary Newton, short story

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