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September 6, 2019 / barton smock

Contributors to Problématique Vol. One


Layout and design for the debut issue of Problématique by co-editor, contributor, and art director of Dink Press, Kaleigh Maeby.

The debut issue of Problématique will feature works from the following individuals.

  • Paul Amlehn
  • Christopher Mulrooney
  • Howie Good
  • Kaleigh Maeby
  • Tim Kahl
  • Daniel Hudon
  • Barton Smock
  • Nicole Melchionda
  • Reece A.J. Chambers
  • Ella Rennekamp
  • Kristopher Biernatsky
  • Michael Lee Ratigan
  • Rus Khomutoff
  • R. Keith
  • George Salis

The featured artist will be Paul Amlehn, and will showcase a number of his written and visual works, as well as a brief interview and a collaborative poem.

The volume is dedicated to the memory of poet Christopher Mulrooney, and will feature some of his work.

There will be a few book reviews in the rear of the book, showcasing works by authors included, including reviews of Rus Khomutoff’s Radia, Barton Smock’s Ghost Arson, and George Salis’ Sea Above, Sun Below.


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