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August 7, 2019 / barton smock

The Last Thing I Wrote Before I Had To Live In A World Without Toni Morrison

Scott Woods Makes Lists

Yesterday morning I was writing the following notes for an essay:

“Hope is frequently misplaced in the face of white supremacy, by which I mean the wrong people are often asked to have and confer hope, by which I mean black people.

Possessing hope is a personal decision. No one can demand of you to hope for a thing. Hope takes energy, consumes bandwidth, tasks the world around you to rise to an expectation. But white people and black people aren’t talking about the same thing when we talk about hope. Hope is a fluid thing, and when black people apply it, the goal can change from day to day. “I hope I don’t get pulled over today (aka, I hope I don’t get killed today).” “I hope my racist boss isn’t in today (aka, I hope I don’t have to hate myself for biting my tongue today).” Hope for…

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