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July 16, 2019 / barton smock

{ from, to, non }

from collection [Ghost Arson]


the boy who in the middle of performing a handstand finds god just as she’s creating the oceans after being overtaken by a herd of ghosts



in a puppet show
about washing
my son’s
feet, or waving down

the ice cream truck
with her bible, or

as farewell

to nothing’s
of neither


from collection [MOTHERLINGS]


it is okay

(in the afterglow
of a mother’s
hiding place)

to live
as a dull
child (on bits of eggshell

from the angel’s mouth



if told by your hands to set myself on fire, I would pray my father into a snake and death would cry in a whale for every bee that lost its voice.


from collection [Animal Masks On the Floor of the Ocean]


ache as a hairstyle. teeth that pray for frostbitten squirrels. a shadow, a circle, their secret



with my body as a thing that existed from the waist-up, I became to swimming what I’d been to lightning and told my brothers that to dream they had to fall asleep before god touched his food. loneliness left its skinny tree and followed my mother into an outhouse where once her sister had counted smoke-rings and where twice they’d sung for their mouths the one about zero the forgotten letter. my father looked at me and I at my son. time waiting to create the sick.


[as such]

MOTHERLINGS, 52 pages, 4.00
poems, June 2019
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Animal Masks On the Floor of the Ocean, 114 pages, 10.00
poems, June 2019
can be purchased via paypal (
or Venmo @Barton-Smock-1


Ghost Arson, 15.00
poems, full-length
Kung Fu Treachery Press, 2018

orders for signed copies can be made via paypal to or by using link:

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