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June 4, 2019 / barton smock

{ aches, etc }


animal masks on the floor of the ocean

mouse, teacup of the missing stork-

owl, lamb of night-

this was god. he was sad and everyone noticed.


deer ache


my god a failed author who describes

the creature left in eden
to the creature




a rocking horse taken by helicopter


design ache

how sick
was christ
we’ll never
but a bird
and a fish
in halves
of outlasting

(this ghost
that prays
for its jailer
the mime


tame ache

soap carvings
of birds
pulled mostly
from a son’s

here and there
a worm
wrapped around
a stone.

all imagery is the same.

if the food
is in your mouth

it’s too late.


scene ache

in Ohio, a father mows the lawn of a friend and swallows what he thinks is a bug and that night

as he wonders if the bug will ever be finished
its eggs

his children tell him
to drink
something hot, his children

who compare
rug burns
and wait

for their invisible toys
to believe
all at once
in god


film ache

at a certain height, nudity loses meaning

if bunk beds collapse in a museum made for emptiness, does Ohio

from a crystal

no hawk
is a wasp, but every


I remember also when you called a tattoo

for the afterlife

I see a tornado
and my teeth
turn yellow


too old to pray

one has
in Ohio
that crucial

the wasp and the footprint



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