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May 27, 2019 / barton smock

{ The Ghosts of Lost Animals – poems – Michelle Bonczek Evory }


The Ghosts of Lost Animals
poems, Michelle Bonczek Evory
Gunpowder Press, 2019


Know, as you read Michelle Bonczek Evory’s The Ghosts of Lost Animals, that a tattoo gives up its bed for touch.  And know, after, that a rolling pin moves over a pawprint.  These poems are present, are ongoing, and call to account the short life of the summoned before.  As a whole, the work seems a travelogue for stillness, a pilgrimage to reclaim misdirection.  Absence has always been the ghost’s confessional, and Bonczek Evory makes each body- whether human or non, whether own or other, whether spirit or seedling- a church that place can enter.  It is deep, here, in light such as this that weighs our vision.  In utterance such as this that speaks shadow to an existence made of cessation.  And language has sent word- we may be lost, but we are also followed…

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