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April 29, 2019 / barton smock

{ old, slightly edited, musics }


[removal musics (x)]

this father
handing over
to prison-scene
extras, his sadness


the drive-in’s
/ nose
to the scarcity
of theatrical

the fish (a cigarette burn on the body of god

(gets bigger
over time….

how unfair
to insomnia
the monster
with child


[give god my space in the unleft church]

as you count on your teeth the losses I’ve turned to stone


[no musics]

I am to bed without supper for hiding my face from the lord. in the city, my brother is handcuffed for biting his wrists. still unborn is the calf that invented sadness. do I look like what you feel when you look at me? I think there is only hell.


[lawn musics]

books on arson, grammar, vandalism…

god, multiple owners.

a typewriter
touched by father
at night.

the electric chair my brother imagined
& the hair
my sister…

adam (who’s never known the age of eve


[confession musics]

I planted a gun on myself in a dream. also

I was faking

sometimes death


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