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April 15, 2019 / barton smock

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MANNEQUIN IN THE NUDE, a poetry collection by Logan February, reviewed by Barton Smock

Ceremony of Sand ~ poems ~ Rodney Gomez

Stay ~ poems ~ Tanya Olson

Lethal Theater – poems – Susannah Nevison


said to:

Interview with Barton Smock, Author of “Ghost Arson”


said some poems:

[safe musics]

the amnesia
of my jack-in-the-box
gave way
to boomerangs

and motion
was the capital
of grief


[who will love your doomed children]

a snake
designs itself
from memory
and does so
with the patience
of the bedridden
whose unlit

(whose puppet


[lawn musics]

books on arson, grammar, vandalism…

god, multiple owners.

a typewriter
touched by father
at night.

the electric chair my brother imagined
& the hair
my sister…

adam (who’s never known the age of eve


[I am not a talker but do touch my face in a crowd]

a question for…

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