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March 22, 2019 / barton smock

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so this week my father’s partner received his deportation orders. he came from El Salvador over 20 years ago, and has done nothing but work. he cries when the national anthem is sung at basketball games. he has three kids, and their mother is sick and cannot work. I am not sure what some think we need to be safe from. or, I am very, I am too, sure.

my youngest son turned ten years old this week…he has Vici Syndrome, and wasn’t supposed to live past seven.

I hope everyone gets to stay long enough to be homed.

speaking of which, you must read Tanya Olson’s Stay from YesYes Books. I reviewed an advance copy of it, here:
Stay ~ poems ~ Tanya Olson


[dying brother with microscope]

last night
a horse
left Ohio
and waited
seven seconds
clopping back

(all cats had my sister’s tongue)

had fingernails

and fish food



as diary

are underwater
where eating
was discovered

(this is our
that on land
god is waiting
to cut
a birthday cake
for the non
the non

our grief comes in pairs
to the animal
it looks
most like


[spider bites]

I lose
at times
the names
of the boys
I hid from…

not an angel, I am allowed
to love
the baby


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