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February 26, 2019 / barton smock

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Ghost Arson
Kung Fu Treachery Press, published Dec 2018
*first non self-published full-length collection

orders for signed copies can be made via paypal to or by using link:

*be sure to include your address in the notes field

or one can send a check to:
Barton Smock
5155 Hatfield Drive
Columbus, OH 43232


sounds made for made face:


sort of recent musics:

[wrist musics (v)]


overheard that our abuser’s mother

has a mouth as dry
as a mannequin’s


my blood

doesn’t tell me
its dreams

[removal musics (iii)]

I don’t know anything about swans
but there will be one
at the parade
so I am planning
to go
not to learn
about swan
but to see
their swan
my swan
unless of course
I see a swan
between now
and then
a swan
that is maybe
what happened

to the lightning
that drank
our milk

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