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February 13, 2019 / barton smock

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AT {isacoustic*}

a small reflection on Susannah Nevison’s Lethal Theater:

Lethal Theater – poems – Susannah Nevison


person Anointing Obuh:

person Anointing Obuh, one poem



said recently:


unsaid recently:

[Ohio deaths (i)]

every stick I throw

a ghost
of my grandfather’s

I don’t throw many
it is not a sight
to see

not some cow nudging awake the weakest deer

not pipe tobacco, not smoke, not that spider
from an injured

not a small child
a dog even

trying to use
a spoon


[Ohio deaths (ii)]

god’s been gone nine months and all this talk he’s done of being stabbed in a dollhouse struggles to fill a baby

(do animals have songs

do they know

to miss
missing (leave the bragging

to grief


[Ohio deaths (iii)]

handstands and loneliness- what infantile reactions we have to existence. I want to eat

but how will they know there was nothing here (this finger

once a rib in the back of your throat


[Ohio deaths (iv)]

my son knows his birds by the hands he draws for them. anatomy is perhaps what you make it. grey bruise, blue tongue…

this dream goes nowhere. hell, these chickens

(as if their god was struck by a ghost

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