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February 2, 2019 / barton smock

person Anointing Obuh, one poem


Anointing Obuh
is an emerging writer from Africa. She enjoys reading, writing & a hearty meal. Her works are forthcoming at The Cabinet of Heed and Honey&Like. She currently studies English and literature at a Nigerian University.


What was my mother thinking when she named me

There are no humming no mocking
birds here in black Africa where
sounds travel faster than a mother’s voice in my ear
Like the kukuruku on a birds beak
Like the pum pim pum.. I can’t be a trumpet sound if I tried
I can’t be.
Living through war all the time.

My mother called me Omoyeme
& her legs bent into a house
My child is greater, my child is greater than
Makes me want to offer myself up
For sins yet unborn, not ready to be offered

My lover says I carry a nightingale in my mouth
He didn’t…

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