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January 2, 2019 / barton smock

person Emily Tuttle, three poems


Emily Tuttle is a graduate of the University of Maryland College Park, where she was editor of two on campus journals and editorial assistant to ‘Poet Lore’ for two years. She has been awarded the Jimenez-Porter Literary Prize for Poetry. Previously, she has been published in Empty Mirror, Ghost City Review, Yes Poetry, and apt, among others.


The Heart is a Halfway House

My childhood dog is dying,
and my brother doesn’t know
how to pick him up,

His gray atrophied back legs
give way
to arthritis, and he is stuck,
long toenails grasping
at slick, wood floors.

And my brother is scared
to reach underneath and sink
into the urine soaked underbelly,

rise him back to his feet, pet the
pilling skin atop his head
racked with fleas and dry age, and
whisper simple words
into his ear
to let him know he is loved—

how painful it…

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