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November 28, 2018 / barton smock

How to Cook a Ghost – poems – Logan February


How to Cook a Ghost
poems, Logan February
Glass Poetry, 2017


‘what’s a starving boy to do
with his infatuation’ – fromPortrait of My Country as a Cheap Restaurant

With a voice that acts as both restorer and alleviant, Logan February’s How to Cook a Ghost holds tongue for loss and feast while keeping verse as a thing appetite might give hunger for safekeeping. What a miracle of smallness this work is, to be at once so spiritually devoured and so spiritually prepared. February is a crafter of dualities who asks mother and country Can I have your mourning and grieve it, too? while understanding that food is a trinity of drink, metaphor, and simile, and so can be made to arrive in the body as a thing waiting to exist. This book will gut you and grow there and its final poem will send you, sustained, to…

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