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October 31, 2018 / barton smock

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so, some notes, from and in regards to isacoustic* (

I am behind on everything. one person endeavors for which perhaps I am not always the right person. on that note, sans grace, volume fifth of {isacoustic*} will be printed later this month, as opposed to last. any submissions accepted from this point will be included in volume sixth.

I love you all. those here, those coming, those waiting.



check out former contributor Asante Keron Hamid’s guest editing of Glass Poetry’s Poets Resist series, here:

you can read Asante Keron Hamid’s work on {isacoustic*} here:

person Asante Keron Hamid, three poems


check out former contributor Natasha Kochicheril Moni’s new publication, A Nation (Imagined), here:

you can read Natasha Kochicheril Moni’s work on {isacoustic*} here:

person Natasha Kochicheril Moni, five poems


Poet Camonghne Felix has a new book, Build Yourself a Boat, here:
I had, and still have, some words for the previous work, here:

on Yolk by Camonghne Felix:
Yolk – poems – Camonghne Felix


check out this lineup of writers and their work, which will appear in volume fifth of {isacoustic*}

CONTRIBUTORS, volume fifth (to print mid November 2018):

Amy Soricelli
person Amy Soricelli, one poem

Kristin Garth
person Kristin Garth, one poem

Kat Giordano
person Kat Giordano, three poems

Nadia Wolnisty
person Nadia Wolnisty, three poems

Rebecca Kokitus
person Rebecca Kokitus, one poem

Cathryn Shea
person Cathryn Shea, one poem

James Diaz
person James Diaz, one poem

Alicia Cole
person Alicia Cole, two poems

Suzanne Edison
person Suzanne Edison, one poem

Donna Vorreyer
person Donna Vorreyer, two poems

Elijah Tomaszewski
person Elijah Tomaszewski, two poems

Lucy Harlow
person Lucy Harlow, one poem

Wanda Deglane
person Wanda Deglane, one poem

Matt Morris
person Matt Morris, two poems

Linzi Garcia
person Linzi Garcia, one poem

Holly Lyn Walrath
person Holly Lyn Walrath, two poems

Phoebe Wagner
person Phoebe Wagner, five sonnet sequence

Jason Ryberg
person Jason Ryberg, one poem

Natasha Kochicheril Moni
person Natasha Kochicheril Moni, five poems

Marisa Crane
person Marisa Crane, two poems

person Visar, two poems

Simon Henry Stein
person Simon Henry Stein

Erik Fuhrer
person Erik Fuhrer, one poem

Rachel Nix
person Rachel Nix, four poems

David Bankson
person David Bankson, two poems

Geraldine Fernandez
person Geraldine Fernandez, one poem

Christie Suyanto
person Christie Suyanto, one poem

Michael Prihoda
person Michael Prihoda, two poems

T.M. Strong
person T.M. Strong, two poems

Kristin Garth
person Kristin Garth, from ~Candy Cigarette~

Arushi Singh
person Arushi Singh, two poems

J.J. Steinfeld
person J.J. Steinfeld, one poem

Mike Ferguson
person Mike Ferguson, two poems

Danielle Hanson
person Danielle Hanson, two poems

Leah Mueller
person Leah Mueller, two poems

Kate Garrett
person Kate Garrett, four poems

Ashley Bullen-Cutting
person Ashley Bullen-Cutting, poem

Thomas Tyrrell
person Thomas Tyrrell, two poems

Glen Armstrong
person Glen Armstrong, one poem

Coreen Hampson
person Coreen Hampson, one poem

Alexandre Ferrere
person Alexandre Ferrere, one poem

Joseph Murphy
person Joseph Murphy, three poems

Jessie Lynn McMains
person Jessie Lynn McMains, two poems

Mela Blust
person Mela Blust, one poem

Cynthia Manick
person Cynthia Manick, five poems

Kristin Garth
person Kristin Garth, one poem

Renwick Berchild
person Renwick Berchild, two poems

Stuart Buck
person Stuart Buck, two poems

Heidi Turner
person Heidi Turner, two poems

Jonathan Witte
person Jonathan Witte, four poems

Aytan Laleh
person Aytan Laleh, two poems

Zsa Zsa Mendoza
person Zsa Zsa Mendoza, one poem

M; Margo
person M; Margo, one poem

Victoria Nordlund
person Victoria Nordlund, one poem

Hal Y Zhang
person Hal Y. Zhang, one poem

Kristin Fullerton
person Kristin Fullerton, one poem

Regis Louis Coustillac
person Regis Louis Coustillac, two poems

Isla McKetta
person Isla McKetta, one poem

Heath Brougher
person Heath Brougher, one poem


to support {isacoustic*}:

paypal donation link: or to (

*for donations of 5.00 or more, one will receive a privately self-published work of mine consisting of 60 poems called ~mood piece for baby blur~

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