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October 30, 2018 / barton smock




Poet Camonghne Felix has a new book, Build Yourself a Boat, and really it’s a must:

I had, and still have, some words for the previous work, here:

on Yolk by Camonghne Felix:
Yolk – poems – Camonghne Felix


{isacoustic*} released Heather Minette’s Half Light in June- please check it out.

for purchase:

from Barnes and Noble

from Amazon

Half Light on goodreads:

reviews of Half Light:

by George Salis:
a review of Heather Minette’s Half Light, by George Salis

by Sara Moore Wagner:
Sara Moore Wagner’s review of Heather Minette’s ~Half Light~

by Crystal Stone:
a review by Crystal Stone of Heather Minette’s ~Half Light~


be sure to check out some recent poets who have work at {isacoustic*}:

Aytan Laleh:
person Aytan Laleh, two poems

Jonathan Witte:
person Jonathan Witte, four poems




I started a patreon account here:

patreon statement:

in the doing of a thing there is often a lull and in that lull a curvature of worry that perhaps something has too quickly taken shape and so one might be led to explore creating, not to make, but to evoke and I will attempt, here, to do that and hope it is a space that takes up only its own.

patreon public posts:

the here

{ halvings / flawless absence / motherlings & goodbyes / recent, w/ motherlings / one has in Ohio that crucial dream / so nostalgic and bored, now, the angel of distance… / further separations / separations for unlikeness, w/ outro / houndlings / materials / god’s blue puppy / materials Q & A / materials & brevities / the home life of victims / the upper body of the minotaur lost everything / gestural transportation / rabbit horns / a gun goes off in a dream I don’t have anymore }

the there


thru November 1st- Lulu is offering 20% off all print books with coupon code of TWENTY18

everything I touch remembers being my hand
172 pages
published November 2017

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