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October 27, 2018 / barton smock

person Kristin Fullerton, one poem


Kristin Fullerton lives in upstate New York. She is a proud alumna of both Elmira College and University at Albany. Previous work has appeared in Devilfish Review, Maine Review, Panoplyzine, and Zetetic.


Reiterate, Write, Betray

Peace is not very interesting;
the countless dead confess
the road of the speechless.
You stop listening and I can’t stand
my own mind. I have to speak, nothing
can disown me from myself.
I inhabit no words,
but the words of others. I followed
your footsteps, but I cannot give
to a museum of betrayal,
whatever that means.
I have discovered signs with your eyes.
Such knowledge frightens me, draws
the veil aside under the scrutiny
of daylight, commands:
Write, write!
But there is nothing to say.

Write this: the near past
of language is still betrayal.
A body can lessen what remains to say,
can turn me wrong
at the…

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