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September 19, 2018 / barton smock

Dameion Wagner reviews Emari DiGiorgio’s poetry collection GIRL TORPEDO

Heavy Feather Review

Girl Torpedo, by Emari DiGiorgio. Sundress Publications Agape Editions, February 2018. 78 pages. $16.00, paper.

As luminaries Allison Joseph and Natasha Trethewey have already noted, DiGiorgio’s Girl Torpedo is a book that’s needed—needed to remind her readers that this struggle, this deep human yearning to be whole and to share, to recognize and to understand, and to call out is at no truce or ceasefire. Like the ever-present, heavily-armed battleship that is masculinity, Girl Torpedo seeks to punch holes in its hull, to sink, or at least effectively dock, its consistent barrage on women’s political, social, and cultural agencies. DiGiorgio’s work does not stop, nor necessarily begin with women, however, or simply critique dominant ideology for that matter—the effectiveness of this collection is that it addresses broad structures of power and hegemony that consistently seek to undermine and manhandle bodies and positions, the spaces and places that feed…

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