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August 28, 2018 / barton smock

{edge. s.}


i. unasked

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poetry collections, mine, self-published, are here:


ii. infant*cinema

infant*cinema, Dink Press, April 2016, is available here:

With sparse language, Barton Smock creates semi-prose poems that contain concentrated riddles, such as in the line “follow the spider’s trail of abandoned birthmarks” or “one of us is dreaming I entered your body.” There are clues across poems, of a broken family, of disbelief in religion and reality, and of the pain stemming from all of that and more. The question of the nature of pain itself is put forth, and its origin: “before it began to go everywhere without him, was pain god?” An evocation of both the trinity (namely, god as his own son) and a child’s jarring transition into independence, which can be destructive to the self and others, for who is so easily prepared for the world? The poems are without titles, except for the title of the chapbook as a whole: infant*cinema. “inside my father I can’t hear one tv over another. […] the people watching the fight want to be seen looking at it.” As soon as we begin to concretely process our surroundings as infants, we must absorb or cancel out competing stimuli, but even so we need to learn what is what. By then, we may have seen too much, the violence of disappointment, loneliness, and, more often than one would like to admit, mental and physical abuse. But is this what makes humans human?
~George Salis


iii. patreon

in the doing of a thing there is often a lull and in that lull a curvature of worry that perhaps something has too quickly taken shape and so one might be led to explore creating, not to make, but to evoke and I will attempt, here, to do that and hope it is a space that takes up only its own.



i. Half Light, by Heather Minette

release announcement ;
Heather Minette’s Half Light, release announcement

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for purchase:

from Barnes and Noble

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from Lulu


ii. recent reflections

Gutter, by Lauren Brazeal:
Gutter – poems – Lauren Brazeal

Cold House, by Jon Cone:
Cold House – poetry – Jon Cone


iii. recent contributors

Erik Fuhrer:
person Erik Fuhrer, one poem

Rachel Nix:
person Rachel Nix, four poems

David Bankson:
person David Bankson, two poems

Geraldine Fernandez:
person Geraldine Fernandez, one poem


iv. mood piece for baby blur

{mood piece for baby blur} is a privately published work of mine consisting of 60 poems, and is available to anyone donating 5.00 or more to {isacoustic*}

donation can be made, here:
or it can be sent to (

You can check out {isacoustic*}, here:

facebook page:

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