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August 10, 2018 / barton smock


thru August 13th, Lulu is offering free mail shipping or 50% off ground with coupon code of SHIPIT2018

poetry collections, mine, self-published, are here:


mine, self-published, are here:


some recent poems:

[cigarette gospel]

on a stage
in a beaten
a man
new to walking
is opening
with his hands
the belly
of a shark
that’s eaten
by word of mouth
a local
whose fingernails
miss teeth
like an angel


[bowl and psalm]

his inner monologue made of water.

a pill
in a drop
of rain.

a rabbit on a leash. a dead bird
in a woman’s hat.


my eye for my other
oh town
of Ark.



I vandalize the outside of a church in a city designed by men with bad teeth and there I mistake a drop of blood for a penny and begin to last forever


[the men of left field]     for brother Noah

I think / in a past / life / my sense / of touch / was yours

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