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August 3, 2018 / barton smock

gestural transportation

in the idea, god creates only those creatures already identified by the man he can’t shake.

I am quiet but nobody listens.

I am loneliest when it’s not allowed.

after a child drowns in a child, the church bathroom is scrubbed in full view of the elderly.

while thunder remains god’s most solemn prank, the moon is the bottom of a prop tree. there are egg shells on the floor of heaven.

the bread crumbs were eaten not by birds but by a starving boy with a lost voice who’d wandered from his home in a delirium brought on by a toothache. also, Hansel & Gretel were two rich kids who killed someone’s mother.

god goes from wall to wall unaware he is god disguised as a graffiti artist.

renderings of my son on a ventilator adorn the moving city.

in flight, a wasp carries something it’s not. forgiveness works alone.

I have never seen an attractive god.

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