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August 1, 2018 / barton smock

{some news, some not}

I have a poem in the 4th Blue Hour Anthology (BlueHourPress), link below:


thru August 2nd, Lulu is offering 15% off all print books with coupon code of FIFTEEN

poetry collections, mine, self-published, are here:

book previews on-site are books entire.  free hard copy to those interested in reviewing.  contact


private publications (chapbooks, all) are available via paypal ( or, as such:

[BASILISK], 64 pages $5.00
(Feb 2017)

[the accepted field], 84 pages $5.00
(May 2017)

[in this life another is you], 64 pages $3.00
(Oct 2017)


call for submissions:



I have privately published a work of mine, {mood piece for baby blur}, consisting of 60 poems, and it is available to anyone donating 5.00 or more to my poetry journal {isacoustic*}

donation can be made, here:
or it can be sent to (

You can check out {isacoustic*}, here:

facebook page:



friends, enemies, family:

in the doing of a thing there is often a lull and in that lull a curvature of worry that perhaps something has too quickly taken shape and so one might be led to explore creating, not to make, but to evoke and I will attempt, here, to do that and hope it is a space that takes up only its own.

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