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July 23, 2018 / barton smock

{this being all one gets}


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we peck
in the darkroom
at the wrist
of a fish
our body language
the baby’s



like some use an alias. fingerprints

for hand.

I was dreaming I guess
in the face of brevity

of god’s glassrabbit ocean


at a time
unlike this

the father
is all

the chicken, gone
he points

to its ghost…

my mouth
is a church, my clock
a Sunday spider

in a dry

(I’m passionate about my grief)

your shadow

dolled up
in the yard

cyborg, minotaur

not once
did I watch
them sleep


I don’t know what she saw
in that jar

but she’s been hours

my head
with a balloon…

dad switches out the bag on her head
and slips something in my mouth
while saying
in the dollhouse

I doze for a moment and see a priest

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