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July 17, 2018 / barton smock



so wanted to take a moment in the deeper bone to thank readers and writers and crossers and dwellers. since going live mid-November 2017, {isacoustic*} has published 307 poems by 130 contributors. this is not a staying place, but am glad to reside for a moment in a created space. if I am, if we are, selfless in the wrong dream, this at least has kept a recurrent blood.

{isacoustic*} has so far released four volumes of work and has also released Heather Minette’s second book of poetry, Half Light.

holy fuck, said Barton.

some direction:

volume first, January 2018, is available here:

from volume first:

Kelli Allen

Galloping toward the harbor, crown in our pocket

When roots are horses, nothing seeds to fruition.
It is this way with us, too. We pass tasting booths
in Madrid and on the way down, pocket notes
meant for after curtains blunt…

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