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July 16, 2018 / barton smock



[vacancy musics]

how priest-like
my father is, the biter
of his own
breast, in the church
of my sister’s



[home musics]

on symbolism
the anxious
to disguise
their fatigue

/ they are not
all here
my bread-shaped


[dust musics]

the treehouse oven, the breadlit

moon- so what

he don’t remember
right or left
which hand
his brother, how many

per nightmare


[predictive text]

he knows three languages
but hurts me
in one

our baby hasn’t spoken in years

we were left two insomniacs

they are slowly
picking teams

satan has no memory of passing through deer


[spider bites]

I lose
at times
the names
of the boys
I hid from…

not an angel, I am allowed
to love
the baby


[I still bring snow]

I think mom’s new dog must have the bones of a kite. I have a lover, now. a he, a beekeeper. a she if she saddens in the nearness. a nothing, a dowry. ghost china. spacesuits for stillborns. under this blanket, a puppet reads to a doll about light. under that, the shape of what goes blind in a poem. I miss you. plural. I don’t wash my forehead. I still bring snow.


[house musics]

no star foreign, brother kisses a spiderless ceiling.

the diver
our father



a sick child can be in two stories at once. anthill. calvary. tell neither. I feel like maybe I am talking my way up the dollmaker’s ladder. eat? I won’t the black duckling. god

won’t the owl. angels

just birds
that faint.


[response musics (iii)]

…weigh god in photos. free a crow from the gospel of the negative. (we) revisit the medicines. call you dead and call you hawk gone to curl in the lap of a cyclops. ask (we ask) for what landbound thing did your body carry time? your past, every year, the same spot. thing never shows.



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