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July 13, 2018 / barton smock


thru July 16th, Lulu is offering free mail shipping or 50% off ground with coupon code of SHIPIT2018


publications, readings, etc.

eating the animal back to life
315 pages
published July 2015

reading from the work:


the boy who touched all the eggs
258 pages
published June 2017
-this is a combined publication of three previous works (surprise for me a crow / name calling / paw five) as well as some newer poems

reading from the work:


116 pages
published August 2017

reading from the work:


everything I touch remembers being my hand
172 pages
published November 2017

reading from the work:


mood piece for baby blur, 60 poems, privately published June 2018

available to anyone donating 5.00 or more to {isacoustic*}

donation can be made, here:
or it can be sent to (

reading from the work:

one can check out {isacoustic*}…

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