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July 10, 2018 / barton smock

person Nadia Wolnisty, three poems


Nadia Wolnisty is the submissions editor of Her work has appeared in Spry, Apogee, Spry, McNeese Review, Paper & Ink, and others. She has two chapbooks from Cringe-Worthy Poetry Collective and Finishing Line Press and a full-length from Spartan. Her third chapbook is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press.


Poem for My Fiancé

We assume the bones come first.
Houses, yes, but people too.
For houses, it is true enough. Have you
ever seen one being built? First, scaffolding
like rib cage without curve. Then,
pipes like intestines, and then insulation
like muscles and fat. It arrives in easy phases.

Humans, though, are mostly tissues first,
growing without clear delineation. My lungs
came in about twenty-eight years ago,
breathing amniotic fluid. Sheer willful
blob and then hardness. I want to love
you with all I was first, before rigidity
set in–nothing but rush and gasps that go

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