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July 10, 2018 / barton smock

{@ isacoustic, (comma)}

@ {isacoustic*}


Rebecca Kokitus
person Rebecca Kokitus, one poem

Nadia Wolnisty
person Nadia Wolnisty, three poems

Kristin Garth
person Kristin Garth, one poem

Kat Giordano
person Kat Giordano, three poems

Amy Soricelli
person Amy Soricelli, one poem



available here:
{isacoustic* volume fourth available}

contributors: Marjorie Thomsen . Robert Knox . Robyn Brooks . G.B. Ryan . Lana Bella . stephanie roberts . Asante Keron Hamid . M. Carmen Lane . Lee Nash . Arushi Singh . Devon Balwit . Grace Marie Grafton . Holly Lyn Walrath . Chris Shorne . Clara Burghelea . Lydia Renfro . Michelle Bermudez . Laura Del Col Brown . Jenny Sadre-Orafai . Susannah Nevison and Molly McCully Brown . Rus Khomutoff . Stephanie L. Harper . Rita Anderson . Rosemarie Dombrowski . Rebecca Ruth Gould . Margarita Serafimova . Nicole Melchionda . Lauren Brazeal . Chella Courington . Natalie Mulford . Carl Boon . Barbara Fant . I.V. Katen . Peter Twal . Dana Alsamsam . Triin Paja . Kerry Trautman . Rax King


~HALF LIGHT, by Heather Minette


by Crystal Stone
a review by Crystal Stone of Heather Minette’s ~Half Light~

by George Salis
a review of Heather Minette’s Half Light, by George Salis

by Sara Moore Wagner
Sara Moore Wagner’s review of Heather Minette’s ~Half Light~

release announcement:

Heather Minette’s Half Light, release announcement

for purchase:

from Barnes and Noble

from Amazon

from Lulu

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