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July 6, 2018 / barton smock


recent work at {isacoustic*}

Rax King
person Rax King, two poems

Triin Paja
person Triin Paja, four poems


isacoustic* volume fourth is now available:

contributors: Marjorie Thomsen . Robert Knox . Robyn Brooks . G.B. Ryan . Lana Bella . stephanie roberts . Asante Keron Hamid . M. Carmen Lane . Lee Nash . Arushi Singh . Devon Balwit . Grace Marie Grafton . Holly Lyn Walrath . Chris Shorne . Clara Burghelea . Lydia Renfro . Michelle Bermudez . Laura Del Col Brown . Jenny Sadre-Orafai . Susannah Nevison and Molly McCully Brown . Rus Khomutoff . Stephanie L. Harper . Rita Anderson . Rosemarie Dombrowski . Rebecca Ruth Gould . Margarita Serafimova . Nicole Melchionda . Lauren Brazeal . Chella Courington . Natalie Mulford . Carl Boon . Barbara Fant . I.V. Katen . Peter Twal . Dana Alsamsam . Triin Paja . Kerry Trautman . Rax King


recent reflections at {isacoustic*}:

on Silver Road by Kazim Ali:
Silver Road – essays, maps & calligraphies – Kazim Ali

on What Is Not Beautiful by Adeeba Shahid Talukder:
What Is Not Beautiful – poems – Adeeba Shahid Talukder

on Where Wind Meets Wing by Anthony Frame:
Where Wind Meets Wing – poems – Anthony Frame

on Phantom Tongue by Steven Sanchez:
Phantom Tongue – poems – Steven Sanchez


previous volumes:

/ volume first, January 2018:

/ volume second, March 2018:

/ volume third, April 2018:


at {isacoustic*}, on Heather Minette’s Half Light:

Half Light is available here:

release announcement:
Heather Minette’s Half Light, release announcement

review by George Salis:
a review of Heather Minette’s Half Light, by George Salis

review by Sara Moore Wagner:
Sara Moore Wagner’s review of Heather Minette’s ~Half Light~

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