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June 22, 2018 / barton smock

On {isacoustic*}

On {isacoustic*}


editors: Barton Smock and those he happens to be talking with
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*for donations of 5.00 or more, one will receive a privately self-published work of 60 poems by editor Barton Smock called ~mood piece for baby blur~


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also, we at {isacoustic*} have yet to find our way, but we are humbled and happy to have released Half Light by Heather Minette. Please consider getting a copy…it is such a great book. I believe in it like I believe in belief.

You can get it here:

review of Heather Minette’s Half Light by George Salis:
a review of Heather Minette’s Half Light, by George Salis

review of Heather Minette’s Half Light by Sara Moore Wagner:
Sara Moore Wagner’s review of Heather Minette’s ~Half Light~

Half Light release announcement:
Heather Minette’s Half Light, release announcement



Peter Twal
person Peter Twal, two poems

Dana Alsamsam
person Dana Alsamsam, three poems

Triin Paja
person Triin Paja, four poems

Kerry Trautman
person Kerry Trautman, three poems

Rax King
person Rax King, two poems



on What Is Not Beautiful by Adeeba Shahid Talukder:
What Is Not Beautiful – poems – Adeeba Shahid Talukder

on Where Wind Meets Wing by Anthony Frame:
Where Wind Meets Wing – poems – Anthony Frame

on Phantom Tongue by Steven Sanchez:
Phantom Tongue – poems – Steven Sanchez

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