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June 12, 2018 / barton smock



submit no less than [3] and no more than [7] pieces (poems) to:
/poems can be in the body of the email or attached, in one file, as PDF, doc, docx
//include a brief and non-clever bio


in order to be published, [3] of the poems in the submission must be selected by the editors

payment for a selected submission is 15.00
/previously published and simultaneous submissions are okay
//response time is 3 days


facebook page:

paypal donation link: or to (
*for donations of 5.00 or more, one will receive a privately self-published work of 60 poems by editor Barton Smock called ~mood piece for baby blur~


what the editors are looking for:
image-based absence.
/structurally sound offhandedness.
//unreliable clarity.

what the editors are not looking for:
/misogyny and co.
//empty objectification. toward, or of, the body. toward, or of, the spirit.


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