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May 24, 2018 / barton smock



RECENT CONTRIBUTORS to {isacoustic*}

Carl Boon
person Carl Boon, five poems

Natalie Mulford
person Natalie Mulford, two poems

Chella Courington
person Chella Courington, two poems

Lauren Brazeal
person Lauren Brazeal, one poem


RECENT REFLECTIONS at {isacoustic*}

on Melissa Atkinson Mercer’s ~Knock~
KNOCK – poems – Melissa Atkinson Mercer

on Montreux Rotholtz’s ~Unmark~
Unmark – poems – Montreux Rotholtz

on Rax King’s ~The People’s Elbow~
The People’s Elbow – recitatives – Rax King

on Chelsea Dingman’s ~What Bodies Have I Moved~
What Bodies Have I Moved – poems – Chelsea Dingman



volume first:

volume second:

volume third:



editors: Barton Smock and those he happens to be talking with
facebook page:

paypal donation link:
*for donations of 5.00 or more, one will receive a privately self-published work of 60 poems by editor Barton Smock called ~mood piece for baby blur~

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