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May 10, 2018 / barton smock

{is @ coustic}

AT {isacoustic*}

Nicole Melchionda
person Nicole Melchionda, four poems

Margarita Serafimova
person Margarita Serafimova, seven poems

Rebecca Ruth Gould
person Rebecca Ruth Gould, three poems

Rosemarie Dombrowski
person Rosemarie Dombrowski, six poems


reflection on two books by Sophia Naz (Date Palms and Pointillism)
Date Palms – Pointillism – poetry – Sophia Naz

reflection on Marisol Baca’s Tremor
Tremor – poems – Marisol Baca

reflection on Kristina Marie Darling’s Dark Horse
Dark Horse – poems – Kristina Marie Darling


as such:

editors: Barton Smock and those he happens to be talking with

facebook page:

paypal donation link:

or send to

*for donations of 5.00 or more, one will receive a privately self-published work of 60 poems by editor Barton Smock called ~mood piece for baby blur~

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