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May 4, 2018 / barton smock

Date Palms – Pointillism – poetry – Sophia Naz


Date Palms
poems, Sophia Naz
City Press, June 2017

Poems, Sophia Naz
Copper Coin, 2017


In the poems of Sophia Naz, the creatures have dress codes and the angels hang eyesight’s laundry. Naz sees double, says double. Has two words for every language. As disappearance might draw the crowds away from abandonment, this poet misses more than home and raises the message bottle, broken, to all that is vocal and vexed.

While the collection Date Palms polls the ghost vote on the slow-burn of miracle, Pointillism summons woman as the only darkness left to approve night’s parole. Both collections take seriously their toying, and nurture wordplay from glow to revelation. These verses speak not only of, but also to, those who wear silence as a badge to call it mouth. And so deepen the beauty all anger should have.

By such roadside flares, readers may make a…

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