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May 3, 2018 / barton smock

shuteye in the land of the sacred commoner (June 2016)

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poetry collections, mine, self-published, are here:

this, below, is from June 2016


poetry and god share the same quick death.

I’m on what you’re on;
the eighth day of the world.

it’s all in your head. the newborn we had on a mountaintop. the word it knew from memory. its hand that stuck to everything but the dog our dog ate. the cold our dog died from. the tent we called aquarium. that we filled with diapers. that was never full.

existence is the wrong inquiry.

I was destroyed by an angel

for having
taste buds.

/ a pinkness

went on
without me.

if touch is all it can manage

the hand is poor.

I am the new face
of baby

when lightning
has emptiness
to burn

the fasting

I am old and nothing brings me joy.

I did
good things
but I
was asked.

of a dog
I am likely

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