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April 14, 2018 / barton smock

{and, then}


thru April 16th, Lulu is offering 10% off all print books AND free mail shipping (or 50% off ground) with coupon code of BOOKSHIP18

poetry collections, mine, self-published, are here:


private publications are available via paypal ( or, as such:

chapbook, [BASILISK], 64 pages $5.00
(Feb 2017)

chapbook, [the accepted field], 84 pages $5.00
(May 2017)

chapbook, [in this life another is you], 64 pages $3.00
(Oct 2017)



{isacoustic*} volume third is complete, and is available here:

book preview on-site is book entire.

note: to honor the passing, the living, of poet Jill Chan…I asked those who knew Jill to contribute poems, remembrances, and the like…they appear at the end of the volume and include poems by myself, Lisa Gordon, Dd. Spungin, Tara Birch, and Maria Cinanni.

also, Mathew Paust sent his review of Jill Chan’s novel, What We Give.


also, regarding {isacoustic*}:

I have privately published a work of mine consisting of 60 poems that I am calling {mood piece for baby blur}, and am making it available to anyone making a 5.00 or more donation to said poetry journal {isacoustic*}

{mood piece for baby blur} will not be made available in any form but this one.
donation can be made, here:
or, otherwise, to (

be sure to provide a physical address, to include your name, for the send.

you can check out {isacoustic*}, here:

facebook page:

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