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April 6, 2018 / barton smock

{near, some}



[musics, other]

(the spiritual
of a mother’s
bomb squad)

ghost of no

/ a longer



[errata musics]

the hand
is a thing
unfinished / the father

is a father
urinating / to feel / followed / it is all

so bare / a barber

is never


[ain’t musics]

this story again
my flat
on his bike
with baby possums
eight of them
under his ballcap-

the mothered vehicle
of home, the doubled
of road
and kill-

how taken
from heaven
we lived


[sibling musics]

a found grief in these eggs that scar the pan

gives mom
a toothache

if you can, bed hunger.

that sleepy

not news
to your double
my death



a tongueless form eats from the psalm of your shape. I say birth

you say
assault. we are code

for embed. our mother pawns

the paw
in her stomach

hoping to afford an impression
of the hand
that created

I have prayed to a cautious god.


SECOND / SOME THINGS @ {isacoustic*}


Jessica Dawson, one of our recent contributors, whose poems, so easily, ask…is having a hard time asking. Please, if you can, check out the below gofundme, and give or share or write a note to self.

Jessica’s poems will appear in volume third of {isacoustic*}, and are here:

person Jessica Dawson, three poems


recent contributors to isacoustic*:

Lana Bella
person Lana Bella, two poems

G.B. Ryan
person G.B. Ryan, one poem


my wording, insufficient, but these things say it correctly:

dark acre by Canese Jarboe:
dark acre – poems – Canese Jarboe

patient. by Bettina Judd:
patient. – poems – Bettina Judd

VOID SETS by Michelle Gottschlich:
VOID SETS – poems – Michelle Gottschlich

Inquisition by Kazim Ali:
Inquisition – poems – Kazim Ali

Third-Millennium Heart,by Ursula Andkjær Olsen, translated by Katrine Øgaard Jensen:

Adrenalin by Ghayath Almadhoun, translated by Catherine Cobham:

One Throne by Rae Hoffman Jager:

hooked through by Sara Moore Wagner:

Saudade by Traci Brimhall:

Indictus by Natalie Eilbert:

Two Towns Over by Darren C. Demaree:

Portrait of a Body in Wreckages by Meghan McClure:

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