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March 28, 2018 / barton smock



submit no less than [3] and no more than [7] pieces (poems, prose, poetics) to:

/poems can be in the body of the email or attached, in one file, as PDF, doc, docx

//include a brief and non-clever bio


for unsolicited submissions:

in order to be published, [3] of the poems in the submission must be selected by the editors


payment for a selected submission is 15.00

/payment will be made within two months of the posting /payment can be made either by PayPal or by regular mail

//previously published and simultaneous submissions are okay

///response time is 3 days ///please inquire if that time passes (without)

////if rejected, wait a month before submitting again.

note: resubmitting is not advisable if one is doing so to lecture us on what is a fit for our site. that is not resubmitting, that is bullying.


every three months, the editors will self-publish a journal of the poems posted in those months. contributors who provide a physical address will receive a hard copy, others a PDF.

be sure to include a physical mailing address to send the journal to. also note how you would like to receive payment, via PayPal or by regular mail.


what the editors are looking for:

image-based absence.

/structurally sound offhandedness.

//unreliable clarity.


what the editors are not looking for:

/misogyny. empty objectification. toward, or of, the body. toward, or of, the spirit.


contributor sample:

Tara Ballard
person Tara Ballard, five poems

Ed Churchouse
person Ed Churchouse, four poems

Jessica Dawson
person Jessica Dawson, three poems

Kelli Allen
person Kelli Allen, one poem

Marisol Baca
person Marisol Baca, four poems


reviews, reflections on-site:

VOID SETS by Michelle Gottschlich:
VOID SETS – poems – Michelle Gottschlich

Inquisition by Kazim Ali:
Inquisition – poems – Kazim Ali

Third-Millennium Heart,by Ursula Andkjær Olsen, translated by Katrine Øgaard Jensen:

Adrenalin by Ghayath Almadhoun, translated by Catherine Cobham:

One Throne by Rae Hoffman Jager:

hooked through by Sara Moore Wagner:

Saudade by Traci Brimhall:

Indictus by Natalie Eilbert:

Two Towns Over by Darren C. Demaree:

Portrait of a Body in Wreckages by Meghan McClure:




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