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March 19, 2018 / barton smock

{this & not}

last day, for this


thru March 19th, Lulu is offering 10% off all print books AND free mail shipping (or 50% off ground shipping) with coupon code of BOOKSHIP18

mine, self-published, are here:

*book previews on-site are books entire. will send free hard copies to any interested in reviewing. free PDF to any requesting. all requests as such can be made to


some recent poems:

barn musics   ~for Maurice Manning~

as blind
as hair
yeah that’s
your father
into baiting
by a red
a gaslit


starless musics

I drop
down the back
of my brother’s
a wasp
and for years
he has
dry skin.

there are words
our mother said
that we’ve used
to protect her. this day

(to that)
means gather
eggs. sleep

is your shepherd’s


devoured musics

in dream
what you can
of heaven


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