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March 3, 2018 / barton smock

{a note on isacoustic*, volume third}

volume third of {isacoustic*} is slated to print in late May. I had been in contact with the poet Jill Chan, who sent me three poems for volume first, to run a review in volume third of her book of poems, What To Believe. As I prepared to write the review late last night, I learned she had passed away just days ago. I don’t have words. I wish we weren’t so small.

I would like to publish in volume third any remembrances, poems, asides by those Jill and her work touched. I am making this volume of {isacoustic*} free to anyone requesting, and will be sending it to all taking part in the honoring, to all contributors published in the volume, and to all contributors of the past two volumes.

If you knew, by which I mean know, Jill, by person, spirit, or by work…you can send such remembrances to in any form you see fit, and I will get them into volume third. Would prefer to receive them within the next two months.

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